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Cinnamon Plantation Visit Tour

An integral part of the spice trade for which Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon) was famous for, cinnamon has for long been intertwined with the island´s history. Immensely popular the world over, this exotic spice is carefully cultivated in plantations where the traditional process of producing cinnamon oil and sticks take place even today. Within easy reach of the resort and amongst the most captivating places to visit around Galle are a few of these plantations; it presents the perfect opportunity to learn more about what some refer to as “Queen of Spices”. A cinnamon plantation tour gives you the chance to see firsthand how this spice is carefully grown and the intricate way in which it is harvested and peeled. As part of the tour, you also get to witness the way cinnamon is processed and finally packaged, ready to be shipped to lands near and far.



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