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Go Scuba Diving Amongst The Coral Reefs in Unawathuna

The idyllic coastal town of Unawatuna is not only well known for its picturesque beach and bay, but also for offering some truly amazing diving adventures as well. Many of the reefs are within easy reach of the shore and gives one a chance to witness vibrant marine life when scuba diving in Galle and Unawatuna. These include triggerfish, blue ring angelfish, barracuda, moray eels, whale sharks and pufferfish. Napoleon Reef which features a rocky outcrop and Napoleon wrasse and ´Galapita Gala´ and ´Goda Kupatha´ with their distinctive coral varieties are amongst the diving hotspots one will find here.

Apart from coral reefs, the seas around Unawatuna are also home to some of the most intriguing shipwrecks well worth exploring on a scuba diving tour. The ´Tango´ and an over a century old British steamer named ´The Rangoon´ are two such popular underwater wrecks one can explore. While a diving license is needed, there are many dive centers where you can get the required PADI training and certification.



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