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Spice Gardens and Tea Factory

Two of Sri Lanka´s most famous commodities, spices and tea are very much a part of the island´s rich history; the country was one of the key trading ports in the ancient spice trade and is also the birthplace of Ceylon tea, introduced during British colonial times. Amongst the things to do near Galle is to take an excursion to local spice gardens where one can see a wide range of natural spices. Many of these spices are also used in traditional Ayurveda wellness rituals, some of which can be experienced at our spa. One of the distinctive features of such a visit is the chance to enjoy the intermingling aromas of different spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, cloves, lemongrass, and sweet cumin. For a change of scenery, guests can enjoy a visit to the tea factory. While world-renowned Ceylon tea is a household name, one might not know just what goes into making this revitalising brew. A tea factory tour will help you learn more about the unique art of tea plucking, see firsthand the intricate manufacturing process and best of all, taste a cup of pure Ceylon tea.



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