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Visit the Matara Fort and the famous Blow Hole

Visit a grand monument where once a great battle was fought against the Dutch. The Matara Fort, situated one hour away from our resort, is an impressive fortress originally built by the Portuguese in 1560 and was later fortified by the Dutch after the siege of Galle. It lies between the Indian Ocean and the Nilwala River home to saltwater crocodiles. In 1761 during the great ´Matara Rebellion´, the fort was captured by Kirti Sri Rajasinha´s Kandyan army only to be recaptured by the Dutch in 1762. Today, it is amongst the foremost places to see in Matara and highlights include the Dutch Reformatory Church (the oldest in the fort) and several other interesting buildings that used to be mansions occupied by Sri Lankan aristocracy.

From the fort make your way to the second largest blowhole in the world! The Hummanaya Blow Hole, which lays claim to this title, is located an hour away from the Matara Fort and is a sight not to be missed. The name ´Hummanaya´ comes from the ´hoo´ noise made by the blowhole when it´s active. Shooting up every couple of minutes, it features sprays that reach as high as 82 to 98 feet.



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