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Visit Yatagala Rock Cave Temple and Rumassala Peace Pagoda

Nestled inland away from the shores of Galle city is the 2,300-year-old Yatagala Rock Cave Temple. Located 20 minutes away from our resort, this Buddhist temple is said to have been built during the time of King Devanampiya Tissa under whose reign Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka. The cave temple features a nine meter reclining Buddha statue and stunning murals created according to the Kandyan style. Since not many crowds visit it, the temple presents a quiet, spiritual getaway that´s surrounded by lush tropical foliage. Just about 15 minutes away from the Yatagala Rock Cave Temple, is another Buddhist temple that also makes an ideal choice when it comes to a day outing places in Galle; the Japanese Peace Pagoda. Perched atop Rumassala Hill, the pristine white pagoda has a set of stairs that leads unto a deck featuring four Buddha statues. The views from here are simply spectacular as you can see the Galle Bay and the Indian Ocean beyond.

Rumassala Hill itself is the center of an ancient legend. According to the Hindu chronicle Ramayana, Rumassala is a chunk of the Himalayas that the Monkey God Hanuman brought to Sri Lanka.



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