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TThe Ayurveda consultation explores your unique body constitution (Prakriti) by analyzing your physical, mental and emotional conditions, and current imbalances. The physician then recommends the treatments matching your body type and conditions.

15 minutes LKR.2,000
30 minutes LKR.4,000
60 minutes LKR.6,000

Classical Ayurveda full body massages using herbal medicated oils help balance body energies. This massage is extremely beneficial in relieving body aches pains and general fatigue.

60 minutes LKR.12,000
90 minutes LKR.14,000

Traditional Ayurveda head, neck and shoulder massage using selected herbal oils which relieves insomnia, headaches and nourishes ears, eyes and hair.

30 minutes LKR.5,000

Soothing foot massage uses warm herbal oils to relax your whole body and relieve tension.

30 minutes LKR.5,000

This is a unique treatment where dry herbal powders are massaged onto your skin using upward movements. It is effective in reducing cellulite and reducing body weight by burning subcutaneous fat.

60 minutes LKR.13,000

Authentic treatment using warm bolus made of milk rice / herbs following a therapeutic oil massage. Treats muscular stiffness, fatigue, stress and provides rejuvenation.

Full body 90 minutes LKR.16,000

A relaxing full body massage, using herbal oils with special concentration to balance body energies by stimulating vital points in the body.

90 minutes LKR.16,000

An inward journey to peaceful well-being and balance, this therapy is guided by an expert mind-body practitioner. The signature element of this service lies in the integral approach which allows the therapist to intuitively support the therapy with complementary techniques in order to achieve the optimum results.

75 minutes LKR.15,000

Ease your breath with the aroma of fresh herbs mixed with eucalyptus oil. The antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects of herbs will relieve a cough, cold or a congested nose.

20 minutes LKR.2,500


TEnjoy the benefits of the ubtan mask which uses nourishing herbal powders and oils. This treatment will leave you with soft and smooth skin.

60 minutes LKR.13,000

This herbal facial includes a traditional beauty regimen which gently cleanses and tones delicate skin. It also features a herbal face pack which enhances the texture of the skin as well as a relaxing foot massage.

45 minutes LKR.6,500
75 minutes LKR.10,000

Experience gentle yoga sessions at Spa Naturel. These sessions are designed to improve health and bring energy to body and mind. Private yoga sessions are conducted while giving individual attention to participants. Yoga poses will be selected considering your body conditions and flexibility. Regular practice of yoga helps you to become stronger, flexible and keeps your mind and body healthy.

Private Yoga 60 minutes LKR.7,000
Couple Yoga 60 minutes LKR.10,000



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